Welcome to the Dag Man Ltd Carterton

We are a Wairarapa locally owned and operated dags
and wool buying business.

Our friendly team will travel to farms picking up dags and
wool from wool sheds in the Wairarapa region for free.
The Dag Man offers very competitive prices on dags.

We also process the sheep manure
into sterilised sheep manure pellets
called The Dagmans Pellets.

These are awesome for the garden
and farm. These are sold in very
convenient 8kg bags or in bulk bags.

Gavin and Jo Fair


The Dag Man Ltd is now the owner and distributors of KINPACK.

KINPACK fertiliser is produced from sheep daggings and machine blended, resulting in a consistent powdered natural fertiliser. Nothing is added during the crushing or bagging process.

To learn more about this great product and see our list of suppliers please visit our
kinpack website: